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Our work has resulted in many successes and several awards.

Annette Krath Poulsen has achieved the 'Design+' award and the 'IF Product Design Award' in 1996 for Hudevad Radius Radiator together with Hudevad Radiatorfabrik A/S.
AKPdesign has achieved the 'Best New Product Award' at Rehab-Scandinavia 2006 for the TRUST Bath Chair together with Promovec A/S and ZealandCare A/S

BagRollator - [inclusion] by AKP Design

BagRollator designed for supporting the daily walk to the supermarket. The BagRollator has all the neccessary features to match the traditional rollator; handbrakes for walking and parking, stability and off course a big bag for groceries with a smaller inner bag for private items. Integrated into the bag is a resting seat. The closed push-handle makes it possible to walk more aktively and push the rollator with one, ore two hands.
Design registered and Patented.

Try the BagRollator at Health & Rehab 2009 at AKPdesign's boot nr. 1139.
Visit www.inclusion-by-akpdesign.dk or contact AKPdesign for further information

BagRollator at Health and Rehab 2008
TrayRollator by AKP Design

TrayRollator designed for supporting walking indoor, e.g. when you use a cane or crutch and need to carry a cup of coffee and a newspaper from the kitchen to the living room.

Currently at prototype stage. Design registered.

Contact AKPdesign for further information.

BedTableRollator 3D design model

The new BedTableRollator is designed for supporting walking indoor as well as being a bedside table.

Currently at prototype stage. Design registered.

Contact AKPdesign for further information.

Basic Wheel Chair VISION

Basic Wheel Chair designed with ZealandCare A/S for Manufacturer ProMovec A/S (2005)

For salesinformation: Visit www.Seniorland.dk

3D design model


Bath Chair TRUST

Bath Chair TRUST designed with ZealandCare A/S for manufacturer ProMovec A/S (2005)
Awarded: Best New Product at Rehab-Scandinavia 2006.

For salesinformation: Visit www.Seniorland.dk

Best New Product Award 2006
Toilet Chair SENSIT

Toilet Chair SENSIT designed with ZealandCare A/S for manufacturer ProMovec A/S (2005)

For salesinformation: Visit www.Seniorland.dk

Toilet Chair SENSIT  
Special bucket with ergonomic grip

Special bucket with ergonomic grip designed for SENSIT Toilet Chair in collaboration with ZealandCare A/S and manufacturer ProMovec A/S (2005)

For salesinformation: Visit www.Seniorland.dk

Manual activity table for children Manual activity table for children currently under development.


Hudevad Radius Radiator - IF Design Award and Design Plus Award winner

Radiator Design
Hudevad Radius Radiator

[IF Design Award]
[Design Plus Award]

Hudevad LST Care Radiator

Hudevad LST Care Radiator

A radiator with a Low Surface Temperature designed specifically to institutions for elderly people and children.

Hudevad Towel Radiators

Hudevad Towel Radiators

A range of towel pegs and holders for bathroom and kitchen radiators.

Towel pegs for Hudevad Plan Radiators
Flower Boxes for Amokka

Flower Boxes
Dark brown wood and stainless steel for Café Amokka, Café Dag H and Restaurante Vesuvio Copenhagen (2001)

Flower box for Amokka and Restairant Vesuvio
Multifunctional outdoor table for Faxe Design

Multifunctional outdoor table for Faxe Design (2000)

Sofa table

Sofa table for private client (1999)

Dining Table

Dining Table for private client (1999)


Digital Scale for gold smiths with ergonomic hand support (project)

Digital Scale for gold smiths with support for hands

Cordless Iron with ergonomic grip (project for Moulinex, France)


Public Service Design - Homes for people with disabilities
Often ressources are few for providing care and training even for those who depend most on it. In 2007 AKPdesign started a user driven service design project focusing on finding methods for optimizing and improving at the same time. The project has resultet in several new solutions for institutions and homes, that will be further developed and implemented through 2008-2009. The solutions embrace technical aids for better activities, it-tools for the work force and new ways of thinking and interacting. Please contact AKPdesign for further information.

The Including Library

The Including Library
Partnering with Roskilde Library and The Danish Building Research Institute, AKPdesign in 2006 started investigating how technology can improve accessibility to the public library. Through a design and innovation process focusing on users with different disabilities the project has dicovered how you by integrating positioning and communication technology into userfriendly services can create accessibility to meta information for users even with disabilities.
The project has generated a development project that is now seeking financial support for realization.


An Internet Service launched in 2002 for registrating and locating accessibility information based on personal features. The project is developed by Kaphandi-team: Peter B. Steffensen, Syntonetic, Uffe Andersen, Unitix and AKPDesign in collaboration with the former Danish Center For Accessibility. Visit www.kaphandi.dk for further information or contact AKPdesign.


The further development of the Kaphandi.dk platform with several other features. It is a public service and the Danish Accessibility Label web site providing information about accessibility to service providers in the tourism industry, e.g. Serviced and self-catering accommodation providers, Restaurants and other catering establishments, Indoor attractions Outdoor attractions, Conference centres, Individual sights and amusements.

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